Returns, exchanges and cancellations of the treatment or gift voucher.
When you place an order online, in addition to the benefit of our policy that allows you to make HOTEL TERRAZA allows you to exchange the purchased product or return it within 15 calendar days from the date of purchase. Once this period has elapsed, no cancellations or refunds of vouchers/gift vouchers can be made. 
For its part, HOTEL TERRAZA will not be able to substitute the selected treatment without prior consultation with the Client, or if the client has a voucher/gift voucher.  If, for reasons beyond the control of the HOTEL TERRAZA spa service, the treatment selected by the client or included in the voucher/gift voucher cannot be carried out, the client will be offered the possibility of exchanging it for a substitute treatment of similar characteristics or for another treatment at the same price, even giving the right to cancel the treatment requested by the client.
In order to cancel the cheque/gift voucher, the customer/user must do so within 15 calendar days by sending an e-mail to
To change the treatment of the cheque/gift voucher, the client/user must do so within 15 calendar days by sending an e-mail to, indicating which treatment he/she wishes to have. If you wish to have another treatment that has a higher price than the contract price, you will have to pay the difference.
If the client chooses to reimburse the amount of the product, we will proceed to reimburse the price of the product by the means of payment used or that which you indicate. We will proceed to carry out the refund within 30 calendar days of receipt of the order. In the event that the payment platform has been Paygold, the refund will be made within a maximum of 15 days.
The total responsibility of HOTEL TERRAZA, for whatever reason, will not exceed, in any case, the total value of the defective goods supplied. HOTEL TERRAZA will not, under any circumstances, outside the provisions of this clause, be liable for any damages, especially for loss of profit, or damages. The indemnities provided for in this clause shall exclude any other indemnity due to defects or lack of quality or quantity.
HOTEL TERRAZA is responsible for providing at the time of the sale of the product the necessary documentation to manage any type of incident.